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4/12/2020 3:08:16 AM


Bungie, I know most of what I'm going to say you've heard before. I know most of what I say won't even get read by anyone at bungie. I just want to get some thoughts out. I wasn't exactly excited for this season, but I'm disappointed nonetheless. The bunkers seem so small and I have no incentive to clear them, or do anything with them. I've found myself doing everything BUT this season's content, and I'm sure a lot of people are as well. I think seasons should be longer, or some other solution to give the developers more time to give a good season. Crucible. Ohhhh crucible. I've always played crucible as my endgame, as my "what do I do it for". Pve is where I go for loot, and I wreck havoc with said loot in crucible. But lately, and for a long time really, I haven't had much fun in crucible at all. I've gathered my thoughts and I think i know what bothers me. It's how limited i have to play if i want to win, let me explain. In trials, people use hardlight in order to win, if not hardlight some other autorifle. Though autorifles feel really nice as of late, every other type of gun feels awful. Destiny has struggled with this problem for as long as I can remember, one type of gun gets too good and all others become obsolete. I wish you could solve the solution by making all guns as good as autorifles are now. And for some, that doesn't mean a quick ttk. Hand cannons are more unforgiving now than ever, and giving it that much needed forgiveness would put it up there with autos. I'm not going to say anything about trials since y'all are already working on it. Truth is, I care about destiny. It's my favorite game, and I'm sure most people who give up on it agree. We don't want to see this game turn to shit. We don't want to see Bungie ignore our voices again and again. Please, take the communities feedback and look at their solutions, the problems aren't as complicated as they seem. I know this long rant is probably going to go nowhere and was mainly a way to vent my frustration, but damnit bungie I'm trying to give y'all a chance. Regards, Your community

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