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3/11/2020 8:14:22 PM

Regular PC Crashes [Ryzen+RX 590]

Hi all, I recently upgraded my GPU to the AMD RX 590 and it's been working well, I came back to Destiny 2 recently though and have crashed on numerous occasions. My drivers are up to date and the issue has happened across numerous driver versions. I've updated my BIOS as well for another issue recently so I don't believe that to be the case either. What specifically happens is: Destiny 2 will freeze, the sound will drop 1-2 seconds later, then within 10 seconds the game will close on its own or I will have to from task manager myself. It's happened in numerous areas of the game (Gambit mid-match and Crucible in the post-game stat screen) Specs are: GPU - AMD RX590 CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Motherboard - Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 SSD - Samsung EVO 860 500GB Below I've linked 2 crash logs from the past few days, been trying to understand what the issue is but no google searches turn anything up for what looks to be the crash causes.

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