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3/3/2020 7:54:25 AM

Modern Warfare 2019

I currently have a love/hate relationship with this game. All of the maps are shit besides the CoD4 and MW2 remakes. The spawns are complete garbage on every single map and I've spawned directly in front of sniper crosshairs and live grenades far too many times. 32v32 Ground War is finally in CoD but its inception into the series this late just makes me miss Battlefield 4 more than ever. They should have done this years ago. The matchmaking, if there's any, is inconsistent as hell. There will be games where I drop 50-60 kills easily with no problem and then there's games where I get clapped and can't even get more than 10 kills. It's frustrating as hell. I'm also not a fan of how enemies pop up on the compass at the top of the screen rather than on the map. You gotta look at 3 things now when playing: The map, compass, and your gun. I don't know why they made this decision. I only have 2 eyes god dammit. However the killstreaks are badass, the weapons feel powerful and sound excellent, there's so many different attachments for weapons its awesome, weapon balancing(for the most part) is good, and the graphics are great.

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