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2/26/2020 3:56:45 PM

Why Power Level Matters: An Introspective

To me, the power level mattering is crucial. Here's why: [spoiler]To begin, you have to accept the fact that PvP IS the EndGame in a looter shooter. No looter shooter can work as a live service without it (Division/Borderlands/Anthem fail as a live service). Given that PvP is the end game, you need to make it DEEP. Give lots of modes. They've done that. (Gambit/Rumble/Banner/Comp/Classic/Rotation) Trials represent the ultimate championship of those modes. In the ultimate championship, you must have power level matter. It does two things that are important for FANS OF Destiny. 1) Gives a reason to grind power level. 2) Allows a weak PvP player, who grinds, a slight advantage in the fight. I understand the negatives, as well. (1) High skill players who grind will be gods among us. (2) Those who can't grind are always at a slight disadvantage. To these I say this. If the REWARDs are special and impactful, you will grind. If you grind, you're doing what Bungie intended. If you do what Bungie intended, they will continue to innovate. Innovation is the key to the games success, better REWARDs, and future content that we all enjoy.[/spoiler] Let me know YOUR thoughts!

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