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2/26/2020 11:33:03 AM

Lift restrictions on ordering medallion pins

I want to see if it's possible to lift restrictions on when medallion pins can be purchased. I worked my [i]butt[/i] off to get the Undying title, but I didn't find out about the pins until this season (forgive me for not being on top of the store/TWABs). It seems lame that I need to purchase the pin by a certain date when it's only possible to complete the triumph/requirements by a certain date. In my mind, once you've completed the requirements, you should be able to purchase the pin any time after that. I kinda get not wanting to keep Wayfarer pins available for people who decide to finally get around to completing that triumph 2 years later, but Undying had an expiration date. I understand it might be an issue where Bungie doesn't want to order a bunch of pins and have them go unsold, but I also understand pins are ridiculously cheap to make in bulk, and anyone who bought them for $19.99 probably paid over a 1000% markup on the cost involved in producing, packaging and distributing them - this isn't a knock against Bungie, any pin maker would get a similar deal. If this request doesn't make sense, I guess I'm stuck at the mercy of Bungie - if you have any unclaimed/leftover Undying pins, would you please allow me to purchase one? I promise to try and keep up with TWABs better in return :D If that doesn't work, is anyone in the community tired of their Undying pin? I'd gladly buy it assuming you don't mark it up crazy high! I can provide screenshots to prove I earned it :) P.S. I seriously think the Unbroken pin should have no "buy by" date - that's one tough cookie for the majority of the player base!

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