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2/12/2020 9:29:13 AM

Titan Barricade





i think it needs some work


(repost of my older topic post) in light of the massive reworks to some of the solar subclasses, think think that this would also be a good time for Bungie to add variation to titan barricades, (such as making the "Towering" barricade truly TOWERING, such as increasing the size of it, (as well as making the barricade go into the terrain a fare bit because it does not fully protect from explosions etc), or making barricade dropped by khepri's horn a smaller personal shield (like halo 4's hardlight shield), have a near instant summon. or the crest of alpha lupi's towering and rally barricade drop a healing rift or empowering rift respectively (or something similar), or making it do that they have a special advantage, to using them over a regular barricade, maybe have it so that the healing burst affects team mates and give a buff similar to the noble rounds of lumina. so what do you say bungie, time to give barracides more personality? (can be applied to other classes, but titan main do no idea what would/could work for them)

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