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Bearbeitet von argoth: 1/24/2020 9:39:06 PM

Exotics need a rework as a whole, as do raids.

Title pretty much. If things keep going as they are we're going to keep getting more and more lackluster exotics. I feel that one of the reasons why some of the newer exotics feel lackluster is because you have to give up your exotic slot to equip it, so you actually feel its not actually worth it to, for example, unequip your izanagui to equip a telesto. This also makes certain legendary weapons just too good (im not suggesting to nerf anything here, please leave the nerf hammer alone) such is the case of recluse or 21%, which are understandably best in slot save for a few activities, because you don't have to give up your exotic slot. It would be cool if certaint types of exotics (maybe add some sort of point system, like you can't equip over 100 points of exotics), could be paired with each other. Other suggestion would be, add random attributes (such as +% damage to fallen) or maybe a secondary mod slot to exotics, to make em worthwhile to experiment. That would also make farming raid exotics a thing, even when you already have one, breathing new life into certain raids. As it stands once you get a raid exotic you're pretty much done with that raid other than the ocassional fun run. Speaking of raids, it'd be nice if you added the possibility to get certain exotics with random stats from older raids, to breathe new life into those. This last part could feel even more rewarding if bungie actually removed the timegate limitation on raids and allow players to run the same raids serveral times per week and still get rewards, that way you could farm for a certain weapon with specific stats. TL;DR: Allow us to equip more than 1 exotic and rework older raids.

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