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1/23/2020 6:22:02 AM

Reason why most my friends quit PVP/D2... also DISABLE LOW.

1. Iron Banner - where you can get PVP high stat armor is in it's most horrible state ever. Either insta mercied, can't move on the map because theres litterly someone camping with LOW behind every corner. 2. If you solo Q its a 50/50 chance you get into a game where smoeone left because then Destinytracker won't track your KD ratio. So you get into a game where its like 20 - 60 or something.. 3. If you queue with a premade, same thing happens, you play 6v3 after 2min and its not fun for anyone. 4. Noone has to aim anymore, you keep adding ONE-BUTTON-KILL things.. (HH nova, Lord of Wolves etc etc.) .. 5. You created the best HC you can do with 90+ aim assist that can 2 tap. So will next handcannon have 100+ aimassist or have you stopped doing HC for PVP.. makes no sense to me. Normalize them to 50 and start over or something. 6. 90% of the deaths if you try to play the game is from a one button kill ability or shotgun. 7. So many people just lag/slide/netlimit macro so you don't even know where they are and kill you with a shotgun(mindbenders.) 8. The matchmaking is a joke.. I haven't talked to anyone who acctuly enjoy the current state of the matchmaking. Either you have to carry with 40+ kills and may still loose, or it's the opposite yoiu can AFK and win anyway..,. And the SBMM and PING based MM is EXACTLY the same shi-.. I play from central europe and get matched with american / asian players 90% of my games, no matter time I queue. 9. Coming back to LOW, disable it.. I don't know ANYONE who enjoys LOW in Crucible... I enjoy getting DDOSed more than getting farmed by lag sliding titans with OEM and LOW. 10. The netimit toggle cheaters. 11. Theres no incentive to play at all.. Except trying to get better, but it's hard when everyone can just press forward and slide and spam shotgun/LOW. 12. Can you explain how your ELO or SBMM works? Because noone I asked knows anything about just guessing what its based on. Like if I farm noobs in QP MIX I shouldnt get punsiehd to have to cary every f solo Q comp game I play. 13. The lies.. I know alot of friends including myself who bought shadowkeep because you said there would be a focus on PVP.. I haven't noticed anything positiive since shadowkeep for PVP.. The solo Q for comp is OK, but in the end, it doesn't matter if your SBMM doesn't work at all. 14. Not many maps are well designed for any mode except maybe 3v3... Most maps have 2 scenarios, go to lane and sit and press fire with randy's... or go sliding and throw your unlimited grenades and spam shotgun until you get super and close your eyes and smash your face against the keyboard and laugh at all the players who try to aim. Some maps you get spawnfragged 3-4 times in a row if you know how to control spawns and reset them etc. I can go on and on.. But I don't know if theres any point at all, you keep posting "give us feedback" and you do the opposite of what everyone wants.. You made several blog posts about OEM, but you didn't change it the way the whole community wanted.. Since when was wallhack a good mechanic in a FPS with snipers?? And I'm around top 0,5% in pvp so I played alot.. And at the moment I don't know anyone who acctuly enjoys the current state of the crucible, but you have 0 communication with your pvp community.. You think because people go in and do bounties you have a good working PVP ? I used to have hopes and passion for this game, but it's litterly fading away.. If you at least made 1 or 2 balance changes or at least made a comment about the curretn state and whats ur plans are, are you going to do anything thjat doesnt take over 1 year to change? Because I would love to stay since maybe trials are coming back, but there's no way.. If you don't start communicating with yourn PVP players about balance and just how the current sandbox meta is.. And why it is like it is, and why you obviously won't change anything to make it better? If you want more constructive crtisiscm I can go into more details but I cba if you don t even read this so...

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