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Bearbeitet von MrUnusualSoupia: 1/16/2020 3:35:23 PM

So the Dreaming City is now one of those Destinations that just

I really want Bungie to do something with the Dreaming City. It's probably the BEST thing that has ever happened to Destiny because everything in it just worked. After Forsaken, the city becomes something like The Dreadnaught, a destination that after the big baddy was defeated just exists. You can do the usual activities like the raid, weekly missions and challenges but that's about it. The worst thing is that with the dreadnaught it made some sense, Oryx has been defeated for good(not counting the recent shadowkeep lore) and the destination is just there cause there's no one to rule it. But the Dreaming city, it makes no sense for it to be on loop for OVER A YEAR while we know that Savathun's the one that controlled the curse in the first place! What? Did the guardians just say "well we could try and find Savathun the same that we found "literally EVERY baddy since Destiny 1" and end the loop, or we could grind for that X god roll cause lol"? Will the city be on loop for even until we find the source in Destiny 69? I can even see it. It'll be some random lore piece saying "Remember that one city on D2? Yes the one that we forgot about? Well the source of the loop was a magic burrito that Riven forgot on his couch and Oryx cursed it to be extra spicy or something lmao". Just let us break the curse dammit. I want some actual story progression. I don't want this to be another unfinished story line like SIVA, or the Exo Stranger
#lore #destiny2

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