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1/16/2020 3:11:23 AM

Calvin the Colossus update for season of dawn

Welcome back to that one ongoing post that you remember when it shows up but forget when it doesn't WHERE. IS. CALVIN? For those wondering what I'm talking about click below [spoiler] Calvin the Colossus is the name I gave to an orange bar Colossus that is always sitting right behind the lighthouse on mercury. It's an omage to Randel the Vandal and my personal obsession for the past 3 years [/spoiler] Well everyone, today we have some shocking news. I believe that for the first time... Calvin has finally moved from his spot As I'm sure you all know mercury is currently split across multiple different timelines, and the sundial playable space is actually the mercury map but updated for story purposes. This wouldn't be all too crazy untill you realize that Calvin's stomping ground behind the lighthouse is caught in the far future! Now checking behind the lighthouse is almost impossible, however if you try hard enough you'll be able to see that Calvin is no longer there. This lead to 2 theories 1. He's dead by this time 2. He's finally joined the fight With the assistance of my good friend CHUBBYNINJA we've come to a fascinating discovery. You see, during the final fight of a sundial run two orange bar Colossus' will spawn on both sides of the arena, we believe that these two Colossus' are Calvin from the past and present teaming up to defeat us and push us forward in our battle against the psions Think about it! Why would Calvin help a bunch of psions trying to rewrite history? It goes against his character arc! We believe that Calvin used the sundial to travel back in time to before we looted his golden chest, told his past self about what would happen in the future, and brought his younger self to help fight against the psions while working undercover! The presence of Calvin strikes fear in the heart of all who see him. His very presence frightens the psions without him firing a single slug in their direction! Calvin is fighting two wars at the same time people!!!! He's helping us kill the psions while also exacting revenge for what we did to his loot! My god... Bungie? Excellent work, I'm literally shacking as I write this! The deep and emotional story, the complex character motivation, and the absolutely mind melting questions Calvin provokes about morality and time travel! Excellent work you guys
#lore #destiny2

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