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Bearbeitet von Zander1490: 1/16/2020 3:09:36 AM

How the Handcannons work

I might be the last person to try to answer this question, considering I know little to nothing next to looks and common sense, but I’ll try knowing that someone will have a better explanation. So, the majority of hand cannons, if not all, is that when you fire them as fast as you can click/push. The one exception to this is The Last Word, for obvious reasons. However, that shouldn’t be how they work, physically speaking. You see, after you fire it [i]once[/i], you have to pull back the hammer (little pointy thing) to fire it again, but all hand cannons seem to ignore this. My possible reasons why would be: A. The Golden Age has progressed far enough before the collapse to figure out a way to solve this, before the Collapse B. Our Light does it(I know, stupid reason, but you try to explain how literally any of the weapon perks work) Or C. I’m just an idiot and this is already a thing, and I really shouldn’t have posted this... If you have found the correct or another reason why, please post it in the comments!
#lore #destiny2

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