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Heart of Chelchis

Lore for “Heart of Chelchis” Exotic Hunter Vest (Page 83) “Guardians are not meant to delve into their past.” Light pours down around the hunter as she spins slowly in circles, awestruck. Memories, vague but tempting, pull at her mind. “I’m not a guardian anymore,” she mutters absentmindedly. Variks too, seems to fall silent at the beauty of the city. “This was my home. I ... remember.” Shadow’s hand trails through the windswept flowers, glowing blue. “Great Machine’s light,” she breathes, glittering stones reflecting in her eyes. “It’s beautiful.” “That it is.” A hunter strolls by, his bright exo eyes locking with hers. He nods once, passing peacefully. Shadow blinks, surprised. Was everyone who came here unbothered by her alliances? Odd. Silver butterflies circle around her head. “Have always wondered— ...” The rumbling voice in her earpiece trails off. She’s not listening anyways. Variks steps away from his monitors, leaving the hunter to explore her city. Try as he might to carry on with his Judgement, Variks can’t ignore the ever so slight pang in his chest. It nags at him, just in reach, and a question he doesn’t want the answer to comes to mind. Would Shadow change her mind and stay in the Dreaming City? Variks pauses. “What do I care?,” the Kell mutters under his breath, shoving the weak thoughts away and carrying on with his day. [spoiler]hope you enjoyed your little cameo nic! 😁 I have an idea that this story will link with, so expect another mention! I know this is a short page so here’s another ;) [/spoiler] Lore for “Hand of Judgement” Hunter Gauntlets (Page 84) “I swear, I’ve walked those halls...” the hunter’s eyes are wild, filled with wonder. Variks blinks his front eyes wearily. Happy as he was for her, the Kell of Judgement couldn’t help but wonder if the former guardian would leave to stay in her true home. “So beautiful... “ she gazes into the distance past him. Her eyes see something he cannot. “I wish you could come see the watchtower.” She shakes her head. “Soaring above you, just magnificent.” She raises her hand, smiles. She pauses and turns to him. “They call me ‘sister’ there.” “I see. Much more welcoming than your guardian friends, yes?” She frowns angrily. “Yes. But I don’t think they trust me either. They’re just polite. I’m only in there because the Dreaming city was opened to ‘guardians.’” “I found their presence comforting. But I was not trusted either.” Some of her excitement and awe seems to fade from her pale face. “Which is why I also don’t trust them. The way they treated you was unnecessary.” “They were good enough to let me live there,” Variks grumbles. “Crows whispered the secrets I wanted to hear. Not all of them were like Petra. And not all of them were like Ives.” “Respect well deserved.” Shadow’s golden eyes narrow challengingly. Variks blinks at her warmly. A long pause drags out between them. “Will you stay?” Shadow looks up at him. “I’m sorry?” Variks turns his face away. “In the Dreaming City. This is your true home.” Hesitantly, Variks meets her eyes again. “Will you stay there?” The former Guardian’s face is unreadable. She stands and approaches her Kell, looks up at him. “My place is here, with you. With House Judgement. With the eliksni. The Dreaming city may be beautiful, but I won’t leave what I love for something shiny.”

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