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♤ Lightborne 9 - Dusk

"Penny!" Kairos calls out with his hand cupped around his mouth, shouting out into every corridor and crack in the walls. "Penny!! I've finished up down here! You can come out now!" His voice begins to quiver slightly while he begins to nervously chuckle to himself. "Penny?" The crumble of a rock slides down the side of the wall in front of him. He takes a stance, one foot in front of his body, and whips out both of his new guns, pointed directly ahead at the noise. A clean leather boot steps out into view, followed by a low voice. "You should be more careful, Kairos. You could've brought this whole cavern down on top of us all!" Icarus walks calmly directly toward him. Kairos lowers his guns and sighs. "Boy, am I glad to see you... two?" He tilts his head around Icarus and peers toward Indigo. "Who's the angel?" He twirls his guns like a cowboy, and manages to sheath the Drang, but completely drops the Sturm on the rocky ground. "Ah, sh- f- damn it-" he struggles trying to catch it before it drops. From behind Indigo, Penny peeks out. "Smooth, Kai." "Penny! Ahaha! What took you so long?" He picks up his gun and smiles. Penny sighs and heals him up slightly but not all the way. Icarus takes out his own hand cannon and begins to twirl it in a spectacular show, twisting and tossing it with ease and grace. "Where did you find those?" He glances behind him at the piles of still lighting charged Vex bodies. His eyes narrow quizzically. "What the hell happened down here?" He catches his gun and points with it at a Minotaur that's barely twitching. With a single shot, the cave echoes with a pristine metallic clang as a pure silver bullet flies right through the center of its head. It pauses and struggles before collapsing into the ground. Kairos rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "Let's just get out of here, yeah?" He joins the group as they all head back for the surface. Once they get back to the surface, the sun crests the horizon. A distant Fallen horn rings out through the air. Kairos scratches his head. "Damn, I guess I didn't notice the time when I landed." Icarus butts in, "You mean [i]crashed?[/i]" Kairos shrugs, "Yeah, that's what I said!" Indigo chuckles. Kairos pipes in again, "Hi, I'm Kairos Lancaster! And you are?" He offers out his hand. Indigo's smile vanishes as she looks back toward the sunset. "I am Indigo. Just, Indigo." There is silence. Kairos drops his hand. "Rrriiight..." he also turns his head toward the sunset. There's an even longer awkward silence as the fireteam walks toward the evening dusk.

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