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Bearbeitet von StormEX: 1/1/2020 4:10:50 AM

Shaders For Exotic Weapons

Please give us an option to [u]put shaders on our Exotic Weapons[/u]. Let ornaments continue to be something that changes the Aesthetic of the model. [u][b]In Addition;[/b][/u] Please give us the ability to choose which weapon our character holds in menu, & which weapon we hold - once we fly into combat zones. Think of it this way; If I pick up an amazing looking ornament [u]From Eververse[/u] for my two tailed fox, you have a lesser chance of actually using it since nobody but you will really ever see it. What would also be an quality of life improvement would be to add in more emote options for your characters pose, in the menu. Could be as simple as sitting down, or striking a hilarious pose. Anything that lets us make our character more refined & personal can only do good. I love my warlock, dearly. But it’s frustrating when I go into my menu screen, and he’s just constantly floating. Maybe it’s too simple of me to think this way. But I see it as opportunity for you guys to add more loot into the game, either through eververse, events, or through quests. Heck, even a world drop with some emotes in it (instead of Weapons or armor) would be nice too..! Just hope you guys will find this informative & constructive enough to consider..! :-)

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