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12/26/2019 4:28:52 AM

Exotic Armour Perks for Hunters, Warlocks and Titans:

Hunter Perks: Flash Fire: Incendiary Grenade deals far less damage but has a larger explosion that sets more enemies on fire for longer. Spin Shot: Modifies Golden Gun into a charging shot. The longer the charge is held, the faster is fires and more damage it deals. Compatible with Six-Shooter and Line ‘Em Up. Shadow Step: After fully double-jumping or triple-jumping, you can dodge in midair. Dodging in midair grants one extra jump on descent. Proximity Alert: Increases smoke bomb duration and makes them harder to detect. Enemies who pass through smoke bombs are visually marked. Spark-struck: Kills with Combination Blow disorientate nearby enemies. Kills with Disorientating Blow cause arc explosions. Maelstrom Guard: Deflecting projectiles with Whirlwind Guard extends Super duration. Warlock Perks: Starfire Splitter: Modifies Celestial Fire to shoot only one projectile that shatters on surface contact and ricochets in all directions. Hellfire Bellows: Activating Phoenix Dive while Dawnblade is active will consume half your Super and release a wave of fire in all directions. Chaos Miser: Chaos Reach and be toggled on and off once the Super is activated. Super energy diminishes twice as fast. Boltcaster: Modifies Ball Lightning to fire a bolt of lightning at enemies. A missed shot turns into a lightning ball that can be picked up to refresh melee energy. Time Warp: Teleport back to where you first activated Nova Warp, and all explosions detonate simultaneously when the super is finished. Super can be deactivated early. Utter Annihilation: Cataclysm Nova Bomb has increased velocity and can only be detonated on contact with ground or wall surfaces. Detonation releases two smaller Nova Bombs that seek enemies, can be detonated with weapon fire, and release seeker projectiles. Titan Perks: And Now the Lightning: Your ability energy is refreshed and you are electrified after performing a Thundercrash, making your melees chain lightning to enemies and deal more damage. Selfish Starlight: Modifies Ward of Dawn to create an indestructible overshield only for you. You gain the Weapons of Light buff and can fire your weapons. The buff diminishes and the overshield weakens when you are near allies. Hammer-Chain Harpoon: You can now throw Burning Maul over long distances. When Burning Mail strikes the ground it causes a solar explosion. You are chained to Burning Maul and follow its trajectory, releasing a second solar explosion when you land. Forward March: Activating barricade projects a frontal energy shield that absorbs enemy fire while you move. Deactivating the shield early fires the absorbed damage back at enemies, letting the ability end reduces barricade cool-down by the amount of damage absorbed. Ghost Charge: Activating Hammer Strike, Seismic Strike or Shield Bash as you jump deploys a spectral titan that activates the ability in front of you, extending the range of this attack.

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