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Sick of the Traveler’s dogma. alt

Exotic Submachine Gun: The Hive Mind

Name: The Hive Mind Energy Type: Solar Impact: 25 Range: 40 Stability: 25 Handling: 60 Reload: 60 RPM: 450 Magazine: 24 “I know what you want.” Intrinsic perk — Preemptive Trigger: While holding down the trigger and aiming down sights, this weapon only fires when shots will hit enemies. Legendary Trait — Preemptive Magazine: Missed hipfire shots return directly into the magazine. This weapon reloads automatically when stowed. Exotic Catalyst — Preemptive Perception: Being damaged from behind while this weapon is equipped will temporarily increase your damage resistance and this weapon’s stability. Lore Tab: “I know what you want.” Our biggest fear was if Xol took Mars, that Rasputin would fall. It never occurred to me they’d try to learn from him. As a neutered defence system, Rasputin would be reduced to a simple cognitive computer. I have no doubt the Hive would have been able to manipulate his core and extract his strategic algorithms. But, I guess we will never know what they would have made from his mind. — Ana Bray. ... Subroutine: IKELOS: Operation // Core Reconfigure = Keywords: “Hive” “Xol” “Strategic” “Mind” \\ Execute Operation: >Processing< >Processing< \\ Operation Compl— Aiat Aiat Aiat Aiat

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