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12/21/2019 5:33:38 PM

Baking 300+ cookies for a Legendary Ship...seriously?

So with the Dawning we get a lot of old content that Veteran players have played and acquired old exclusive seasonal Tess Eververse items that are now being resold, so any player can get. Meaning Veteran players get nothing to show off that they are VETERAN PLAYERS, but we also get a new quest that requires you to bake 300 cookies for a legendary ship and a perk on a exotic sparrow to make it better. I think this is absolutely insane, you’re telling me that you want me to bake 300 cookies to fix a sparrow to get instant transmat perk on it and get a legendary ship. At least make it worth my while, give the community something better for the ones who care about it and work their ass off, it’s absolutely not fair considering you just sell old shit that Veteran players once had that can no longer show they were here when Destiny 2 came out. Oh and get this, you also get a Bungie reward to print out a paper craft Dawning themed Ghost, amazing!! All that just for a sparrow mod, legendary ship, and printed ghost. Please don’t get this the wrong way, but I love this community and I love this game with a passion, but it feels like Bungie doesn’t treat veteran players the right way at all, I don’t feel like I’m being rewarded for all the time and effort I put into this game when Bungie just resales all the seasonal items that players got exclusively. And also Bungie giving away exotic emotes that were exclusive to that season. (I’m talking about the “Six Shooter” emote, and also adding the “Giving” emote) I’m hoping my message gets around and people get where I’m coming from, I may sound like a -blam!-, but I just don’t feel like Veteran players are being rewarded for always being there when Bungie always thanks us. That’s all I have to say, please like and share if you do agree, thank you for reading.

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