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12/23/2019 5:36:21 AM

Dawning Alpine Drift Sparrow Quest Vanished!

Alright so i was just completing Strikes to get the Essence of the Dawning needed to make all the cookies while doing this ive had the Alpine Drift Dawning Sparrow Quest in my inventory with all but the 50 Cookies completed i was at 45 of 50 done and and made the final 2 cookies to mastercraft the Oven apon matercrafting the oven i noticed when i looked in my Quests the one for the Alpine Drift Sparrow was no longer there this was at about 11:40 PM EST. on Dec 22nd so it cant be because the dawning is over cause it doesn't end until January. I did not abandon the quest and i checked my inventory, postmaster and collections in case i completed it somehow and just didnt notice but that was not the case either. So the quest just completely vanished. Is anyone else having this problem? i cant seem to find any way of contacting Bungie support about this either cause i want my sparrow i poured several hours into making all the cookies and ill be damned if i'm gonna loose out on it now over some bug. Anyone know of a way to get a hold of Bungie to get this resolved by any chance?

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