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12/22/2019 11:56:23 PM

The Aim Assist Issue

It's no secret that the Crucible is more or less abandoned in terms of balance, but something HAS to be done. The state of bullet magnetism is just disastrous. Perks and stats barely matter to any weapon. If it doesn't have great aim assist, it gets dismantled. Period. Every "Unbroken" Guardian, along with those on their heels, uses the same loadout; a Spare Rations or Thorn paired with a Beloved or Mindbenders Ambition. Why? Because the guns aim for you. If your crosshair is in the same county as your opponents head, you best believe you're hitting crits with those guns. Spare Rations is the biggest offender with an aim assist stat of 92. Quick question, Bungie: why? If your reply is to just use the same loadout to compete, let me remind you that this game is a looter shooter: the entire point is to use a bunch of different kinds of weapons. Limiting myself to a couple of choices would be unbelievably and laughably stupid. Obviously, a blanket nerf to bullet magnetism is needed, but specific cases should be tuned accordingly. Kinetic Hand Cannons released during Season of the Drifter with aim assist stats of 92 (not naming any names) should take a hit harder than weapons with lower aim assists. I think it's be best if all weapons of the same archetype rolled with the same aim assist stat. As I said, if a weapon doesn't have good aim assist, it's pretty much going to be dominated by other weapons with higher aim assist stats, regardless of perks and other stats.

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