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Exotic Kinetic Trace Rifle: Justiciar’s Snare

Name: Justiciar’s Snare Impact: 5 Range: 30 Stability: 80 Handling: 50 Reload Speed: 60 RPM: 1000 Magazine: 150 Ammo Type: Special “They were originally designed for containment, but some of the guards modified their rifles to break up riots too.” — Prison of Elders Guard. Intrinsic Perk — Magnetic Generator: Fires a beam that generates a magnetic field on target, pulling other enemies towards the beam. Legendary Trait — Expulsive Detonator: Beam charges as it pulls enemies towards one another, releasing the trigger when fully charged creates a concussive explosion, knocking enemies back. Exotic Catalyst — Dynamic Chain: Reactivating the beam instantly after the concussive explosion will pull all knocked enemies back into the magnetic field.

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