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12/6/2019 8:00:03 PM

So we might have a new retcon on our hands?

I don't want to jump to conclusions because at the end of the day the end result is the same But in the recent lore tab Bungie released about Osiris building the sundial it actually mentioned the now extinct fallen house of Rain In it we see Saint-14 fighting against a camp full of purple clad fallen with a banner identical to the house of Dusk, Osiris informs the reader that this band of fallen are from the house of Rain. After the tussle however (and this is what makes even less sense) a fallen Ketch appears and starts bombarding Saint-14 and the camp This implies that the house of Rain not only remaind as a house during the dark age but managed to acquire a full sized ketch to aid them. But here's the thing, Variks informs us in the Kell of Kells Grimoire card that the house of Rain perished during the whirlwind and that they came up with the Kell of Kells prophecy. So something doesn't add up here, did they die in the whirlwind or did they survive and die in our dark age? Regardless they're dead, so end result is unchanged. But what do you guys think?
#lore #destiny2

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