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12/10/2019 3:51:23 AM

Taken Guardians?

Well can the Ghost be taken? I mean wasn’t there taken armor in D1? Doesn’t that come with lore tabs? Imagine a cutscene of guardians fighting the hive and then blights overhead start appearing. Siphoning the light from the guardians. Then portals open and lightless guardians screaming as they’re being dragged in by taken energy The cries and screams for retreat. Then we’re on patrol and it’s just a guardian sitting there singing. It’s a young woman. You call out to her trying to get her attention. But as you walk closer noticing something is wrong she gets up slowly then charges at you screaming. Blighted eyes and taken energy at her finger tips. In her clutches you could end being taken as well. Your ghost sends a bolt of light knocking her back. Then you put a round into her. Saving yourself and now seeing something disturbing that must be reported to the tower. You try radioing in only for it to be static. Something is wrong, very wrong. You proceed to call in your jump ship. You make towards the tower and blights are dotting around the city outside of a taken energy bubble. The drifters voice breaks through “Hey hero, looks like I saved the day after all” Ghost responds wryly “the city is under attack and what’s this taken energy around the city?” The drifter announces “it’s my insurance policy we’ve been working on- just too bad I had to make use of it sooner” Ghost sighs “there’s taken guardians, I don’t understand how but there are taken guardians” “Trust me I know, things topside started going quiet, then a jump ship came in and what came out went nuts. No one expected it... Hurry and help us hold them off” the sounds of a hand cannon rounds going off in the background And the mission starts with us fighting off taken guardians. Perhaps hive ships flying in dropping off hive. Fallen ships also joining the fray to assist with defending the last city. A voice of Mithrax breaking into our channel “Guardian we are here to help with the defence of your city, we once were enemies but today we’re fighting for a common cause; the love of the traveler” We fight with Guardians, Fallen troops, Red Jacks, and those new drones the tower is building. It ends with bright explosions and the blights being destroyed. Fin.
#lore #destiny2

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