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Redemption: chapter 9

[spoiler] previous chapter [/spoiler] "Eyes up guardian" Fragment said. "Where am I?" The elskini said slowly looking around. "you are home, you don't remember you?" Fragment asked with a light sigh. "I remember nothing, who are you?" She replied with a confused expression. "I'm your ghost...not literally to be clear I mean I am a piece of the traveler. My name is Fragment. You have protected the last safe city and it is your home." The ghost explained slowly to ensure it was understandable. She took a a few minutes to take everything in before posing one more question "What is my name, Fragment?" "I..Uh...well" Fragment paused to think. "what's a fallen name" it whispered. "You are...Akrises...yeah...Akrises" Fragment announced with very little confidence. "I going to go and talk to someone wait right here, in fact you left a book for yourself to explain everything why don't you read that whilst I do that" Fragment said whilst quickly backing away towards the door.
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