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12/7/2019 10:55:58 AM

Warlock Melee Needs a General Fix as There Are a Variety of Problems With It

This melee is bad. Any Warlock traits that extend its range make it alright, but that's if you're using Stormcaller or Ophidian Aspects. The problem lies with the base melee and its efficiency in MANY situations that are NOT LIMITED to the Crucible. Below are my notes about why I don't like using the Warlock melee as a Warlock main in many activities. ---------- THE GOOD POINTS ---------- - Not counting the lunge, the Warlock base melee has the farthest reach in Destiny 2 (barely). If you have enough momentum, you can fling yourself at an enemy and do a fly-by swing to land a potentially decisive hit. - … ---------- ALL OF THE BAD POINTS ---------- - It is the slowest Guardian melee in the game and there is no way to increase the speed. Other classes have a very high chance to best you in the Crucible at close quarters. - Unless you are using Ophidian Aspect or a Stormcaller melee charge, the Warlock melee has 2 PROBLEMS with the Warlock melee lunge. * Problem 1: The proximity requirement to initiate a lunge is shaky. Half of the time you will just swing at the air. This becomes a problem in PvP AND PvE. * Problem 2: When initiated, the melee lunge is VERY UNRELIABLE. This melee also has the shortest lunge out of the three classes. Half of the time, you will completely miss your melee lunge and be punished badly for it. This is most notable when you are fighting against a different type of Guardian and you both attempt to trade punches. They already melee faster, so unless you have a shotgun to recover, you will lose. - Unlike other classes, Warlock melee charges REALLY don't like to take effect sometimes. In the past, there were changes made to melees that caused burns or other damaging effects to lower the amount of times Guardians traded kills with each other. Even if you live for a nice half a second after you melee someone, if you die within that timeframe, your melee charge will be completely wasted. * I also noticed that a lot of the time if you try to use a Warlock melee charge on certain bosses in PvE, the effect also doesn't activate there half the time for some reason. I have no idea why that happens, but that gets pretty annoying. - Winter's Guile and Karnstein Armlets do not tend to benefit Warlock melees well in conjunction with all of the problems listed above as they solely rely on landing your melee hits. ---------- MY THOUGHTS ON WHAT COULD BE DONE TO RESOLVE THESE ISSUES ---------- I don't believe fixing the melee speed will make me like Warlock melees. But there is still an opportunity to make the Warlock melee a unique force similar to how it was in Destiny 1. Since it is arguably the weakest melee in the game, there is room for it to grow and balance out as long as the devs are careful. I think if it could just be tweaked to have a better and more reliable melee lunge, that alone could work well with the rest of the Warlock package. And as long as other Guardians can still melee faster, it can be countered fairly. It's no wonder why Hunters and Titans are everywhere in the game. They dominate at close quarters. For the most part, Warlocks only have their grenades really going for them. That's just my opinion though.

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