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12/8/2019 5:19:14 AM

Raid RnG Exotics Rework

I've noticed something in destiny that has gotten me quite annoyed. So in the game right now there are 3 raid exotics that drop with I think less than 10% chance some people that I know have 70+ clears in these raids and still don't have the raid exotics. Does something here seem wrong to you? Well it does to me. To have these exotics locked behind pure luck is good if you are a casual destiny player. However if you are grinding for all the exotics in the game getting the raid exotics becomes a chore. Having players do upwards of 20 clears each week can lead to players feeling burnt out of the raids and make them play less destiny. So I propose while leaving the raid exotics with their low drop %, make the 20th run of every raid that has a raid exotic have a guaranteed drop of the exotic. Now I hear you saying, but, if players get the exotic on their 20th run after that there is now nothing incentiviving them to continue raiding. While this is true 20 runs is still no small task, the casual players would not make it up to the 20 clear mark and only the determinded raiders would. This would allow for the raiders to feel less burnt out of the game and continue to raid. (Also the raid exotic shouldnt be the only reward that incentivises doing the raid in the first place). I think this would be a much better system for raid exotics and would improve the health of the raids overall. Let me know what you think

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