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Bearbeitet von Kjeldoran: 12/7/2019 11:03:40 AM

Eververse rework idea

Following the recent [i]this week at bungie[/i] and upcoming changes to eververse I had an idea so I'll try to post it here hoping for [b]bungie to see this.[/b] In the TWAB they stated that [i]50% of eververse stuff was sold for bright dust at least once during this season and that they want to bring this to a wopping 80% for the next season. [/i] But the whole community said on reddit: [b]this is not good enough[/b]. We can all understand that bungie [i]needs some extra money[/i] and it's fine. What we don't understand is why a so big chunk of rewards are locked behind a [b]purchase[/b]. [b]It doesn't feel good to "purchase"[/b], let it be with bright dust or silver. So, here comes in my idea. Let's consider the whole eververse stock and let's use, instead, the following division: • [b]20%[/b] of items should remain as silver only purchase: this is some kind of "thank you" that people may want to say to bungie for the work they do for us. • [b]50%[/b] of the items should be purchasable with bright dust at least once: this is the rate we have at moment in game. And here comes the [i]news[/i] • [b]30% of the items should not be available in the eververse and put instead as reward for the season exclusive activity.[/b] At later date, let's say when they enable the purchase of pass levels they could then ad said "30% of the items" as direct purchase in the shop for pass owners with silver. Let's reiterate why this could potentially help the game so much: 1) when you pay for the season you get access to a wopping 30% of eververse items without using "extra bright dust" or purchase with silver. 2) when you "support them" by purchasing the season you get new activity(ies) which also reward you with interesting rewards. True "sense of pride and accomplishment", right? This also does give BUNGIE [b]more money[/b] let's see why: 1) with this method it is still true that 50% of eververse items is locked behind silver! But people supporting them can also get them, for as much as they play for, for free! You pay, you play, you have for free. As simple as that. 2) the 30% of items should be locked for purchase for those without the pass even in the final period, while people who purchased the pass and couldn't play that much can purchase them. This ensures that interested people will buy the season... And that's [b]money for bungie[/b] and [b]fun for players[/b]. Would you like said system? Do you have better ideas which also [i]supports Bungie work[/i]?

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