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11/27/2019 1:22:44 PM

Tangled shore map re-balance?

Needs a rework


Fine as is


Don't care


Ok so for those that don't remember, Bungie removed a couple of maps (I think 3, someone can correct if wrong) at the begin of the season for 'retooling and balancing', giving this....can the tangled shore map please go in next, you know the one that was prior PS4 exclusive, because I seriously think it needs it, everyone I've talked to hates the thing, I hate, but for all the majestic space magic, I can not figure out what the actual F is wrong with it, is it to claustrophobic? is it the map lay out? I've only really played it on 6v6 but I don't know if it's any better in 3v3, but what ever it is, something on this map just feels wrong and it needs fixing.

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