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12/3/2019 1:39:54 AM

I accidentally linked the wrong xbox account to cross save...

I linked the wrong xbox account to cross save. I found this out by opening my Destiny 2 on xbox and noticing my characters were not there. I then deactivated cross save, unlinked that xbox account, and linked my correct xbox account. So, two problems: 1) I can't reactivate my cross save to do the cross save to allow access to those characters from my steam account to the xbox account. It says I have to wait 90 days? 2) Will I be able to get those characters on my xbox since I already opened the game without those characters cross saved on that account? The only reason I'm moving to xbox is because I literally can't play on my computer because of the "Problem reading game content" issue. I have now paid for this game on two systems and I would like to be able to play it...
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