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11/19/2019 9:27:53 PM

Cross save error

Hello I need help while my friend was activating cross save to pc from his xbox he lost his characters on xbox while doing so and he can not get his characters back and when you resolve it it says he has to wait 74 days before he can deactivate cross save but does this loose his characters ? Cause if so hes quitting the game cause all of that hard work went down the drain for nothing , his characters are locked from cross save and he doesnt have his builds anymore he went from having 3 build to just one 750 hunter how does he fix this hes not waiting 74 days just to resolve this issue.. just cause of your broken system that forced his characters off his xbox from cross save and loosing them , he wants to play destiny 2 but his characters are gone now , on bungie. Net his characters are there but it says * resolve this error , cross save cannot be unlinked for 74 days because you've purchased silver on your xbox live account recently.* how does this get fixed !!! He wants to play shadow keep

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