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11/19/2019 7:55:51 PM

No more energy for destiny

I've generally been enjoying this season. And this is a rant so stop here and go doing something more interesting. Eye of getting the Undying title. Grinding out vex offensive, almost done and just checking the last few things for the title and my fault I hadn't realized the first things was the badge. But like can't be that bad it has to tie to things that are going away at the end of this season and I'm sure I've got most. How wrong I was. All the pinnacle weapons and the master ordeal ship. 4 things that AREN'T going away when the season end. 4 thing that I COULD get if I had more time since they AREN'T going away when undying ends. But No, there they are. And I do not have the time or skill left to grind out the pvp scarp. I do not have any pvp pinnacle gear cause I am crap at pvp and refuse to spend my time basically depressing my more and more trying to get through it all when I'm working full time at the busiest point of our season. But that it. I'm done. I wasted soo much time working to get a title where there was no crappy rng in my way but nope just throw the PVP elite door in my face and ruin my day, my week, hell my month. All I want is get one title. And wayfair refuses to happen cause of the stupid RNG with the Ikelos weapons and the braytech rocket launcher. I'm done
#destiny2 #done

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