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11/18/2019 8:12:08 AM

LOST CROSS-SAVES!? Friend needs help!! (Unusual issue)

I'm currently investigating an issue to find ANY solutions possible, so I figure'd I'd post on the help forum while I'm here. Me and my best friend have been playing games on Xbox since 2012. From co-op in Halo 4, to raids in Destiny 1, you name it - we've made memories together. But recently, for unidentified reasons, my friend's ENTIRE Microsoft account has been locked. Yes, ENTIRE account: his old Live .com email, skype chats, and everything relating to Xbox Live or accounts created with Email. Everything has been locked permanently (but not deleted), and cannot be accessed. Why? How? We don't know. But after some investigation, we've determined it was either a mishap upon Microsoft's TERRIBLE customer service, or for some dumb reason that we'd have to read through fine-print to hear about. So, after all this, me and my friend will be switching to PS4 when it comes to online multiplayer. But thankfully, we have Destiny cross-saves! Hooray! Hopefully this won't be like Warframe, in which hundreds of hours were lost at the drop of a hat, right? *Right??* Well, the problem is: we didn't set up cross saves before hand. Currently, we are both looking into what can be done about this, if anything at all. Best case scenario, we REALLY hope we can find some advanced customer support, and (hopefully) get my friend's cross saves set up, despite this barrier of an inaccessible account. His saves and files should still be there, but the problem has been signing in to his own account. So if there is any (ANY) way for the game files to be accessed and transferred though cross-saves? Well, if any such thing exists, we're trying to find it. My friend says he'd be willing to go as far as too call Bungie himself, just to check the details through customer support. But that's what we're looking into: Are there any advanced methods of support that could help with this issue? Anything at all. If it turns out it's too late to set up his cross saves? I'd personally have no problem playing New Light with my own cross saves, and help him reclaim his gear as my nearly maxed out Titan. But we're talking about several exotic finds, and even seasonal Eververse purchases. This won't be easy to start over in a grindy game like this, and there's no guarantee that limited-time items will ever come back.

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