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11/18/2019 3:49:44 AM

D2 needs more sniper maps

Essentially, Iron Banner, Comp Survival and regular/experimental need more improvised sniper warfare maps with less obvious advantages/disadvantages. For example, How about turning that field of rusted cars outside the Cosmodrome on earth and possibly part of the inner cosmodrome wall itself into a sniper map, with the only cover being the rusted cars themselves as crouch cover. Standing would allow snipers open sightlines allowing for mixed combat without serious rushing. Just think about it please? The assets and models are already there, it includes crouch cover, narrow passages between the cars, the ability to peep-shoot through the hollow car frame windows, and have open air for those guardians looking to fly around. It'd make survival more interesting, especially if the map took place at night with cover of darkness or fog... It would be worth the attempt. Just looking for a break from all of this repeated close-quarter combat, and gentrified shotgun corner camping..

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