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11/16/2019 10:31:15 PM

Which witch challenge

Soo I did the which witch challenge... I did following : -At least one of my Team Mates got the bounty aswell as me -we did the challenge, and it didn't failed at all -he could turned in his bounty and finish it but mine was just not there anymore... I got the challenge on every character to be sure this time that I don't screw anything up but on my Titan it just disappeared and well now I am afraid of waiting another 5 weeks to let that challenge return... It is rly annoying when the bounty somehow bugged out and I mean I completed the challenge and my friend even got the Triumph but I didn't... I mean srsly why do I need a bounty for this? And no I didn't forget it. I am 1000% sure I checked it before the raid started 100 times

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