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11/16/2019 3:51:17 PM

Garden of Salvation 2nd Raid Challenge possibly bugged

So I was doing the second raid challenge for GoS with a nice LFG team, and after some trial and error got through it. However, no triumph nor another chest popped up. Presumably that means we failed the challenge, right? That being said though, one of the team was recording his gameplay and went to look through the footage afterwards to see where we failed, finding no "Challenge Failed" anywhere. Unfortunately don't have that footage myself so can't confirm. Told him to post it in the forums but in case he forgot or just didn't, creating a topic myself too. Now, it could obviously be that he just missed it in the footage or something, but if what we thought that happened is actually the case, the challenge could be bugged in some way, be it on showing the challenge failed -part or somewhere else, so thought it might be worth posting. Cheers

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