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11/16/2019 7:11:47 AM

Hunters in the Crucible





In crucible, we all know the old Titan shoulder-charge one shots and as well as the Warlocks handheld supernova, but what tools do Hunters have to counter those one shots? Explosive throwing knifes and even regular throwing knifes don't one shot anymore from what I can tell. I am struggling to find the balance between the classes in crucible, since I see more Warlocks and Titans in Crucible since they have one shot capabilities. Hunters I feel just aren't as strong as other classes which gives Hunter mains a harder time climbing into Legend rank. On the contrary however, Hunters do have invisibility which sounds like a good thing right? Well not when it's not true invisibility and your character is just outlined by purple lines where you can depict where the head is. I am also trying to find any Hunter exotics that are good for Crucible only, my go to would be Shinobu's Vow or even a Sixth Coyote if I'm running void. The whole point of this was to say my mind on Hunters in the Crucible and how I feel they could use and ability that has one shot capabilities that isn't their super. Do you guys think Hunters are under powered in the Crucible?

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