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11/14/2019 2:24:28 PM

2nd quest deleted

if more stuff if needed i can show whats up but simply i had a quest on console that i completed but didn't get the next step a few of my friends said a come join us on pc we'll do it together cause we r on the same step my other friend who also did the same amount as me got it but i didn't this is the second exotic quest that's been deleted for me and ive gotten more black armory one's deleted as well not just on pc (ever since the character transfer thing this has been happening) can u guys give me back the quest at the very first step at least (Malfeasance and Black Armory Key Mold) p.s didn't delete them i would complete the step then poof there gone and ill be honest don't care about the Malfeasance quest just give me back the black armory key mold cause i don't want to restart all the steps i did to get it

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