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11/12/2019 4:32:52 PM

On the Subject of Removing Backup Plan from Erentil/High-Impact Frame Fusion Rifles, How About Replacing It with Field Prep?

Btw, Erentil is #5 in the most-used-specials catagory. Everyone's arguing about if it's meta or not, but not counting primaries it's a top-5 pick, so there's some food for thought. A couple things to note. Low-charge-rate fusions in this game charge faster than low-charge-rate fusions in Destiny 1 apparently, so between games they were buffed. Utilizing the Backup Plan perk makes Erentil and other fusions charge just about as fast as a Rapid-Fire Frame and you can sometimes get away with 2 WHOLE BURSTS before Backup Plan deactivates. And lastly, between games, this game's fusion rifles use hit-scan (instant travel time), not projectile entities (things such as rockets, grenades and arrows that do not have instant travel time), where Destiny 1's fusion rifles use projectile entities. Overall, they are a lot stronger than they were in Destiny 1 at base value. You know what else wasn't in Destiny 1? Fusion rifles with long-range scopes. Even Plan C wasn't long-ranged. On Erentil, it seems that increasing your zoom does 2 things. It reduces your damage falloff and, for some reason, it tightens your bolt spread. That increases it's accuracy and efficiency by a lot, hence the 'Erentil is a sniper' memes. And due to how Erentil's shots are handled, increasing your range and zoom has almost no hinderance on close-quarters usability at all, hence the 'Erentil is a long-range shotgun' memes. Combining that range with good accuracy and Backup Plan and... Can you see why players are complaining now? Yes, you can bait them out to try and take care of them, but in how many situations does not pushing win you matches? I can assure you that Erentil is strong in both games of Attack and Defend. ...Now, this post is about Backup Plan and a little thought that I had. In Year 1, there were at least 3 High-Impact Frame fusions that had Field Prep on them, including Elatha FR4 which is also an Omolon fusion. If Backup Plan is ever actually going to be removed from fusions, why not just replace it with Field Prep? It's not a bad perk. As they say, it's "Outlaw on demand" as long as you crouch before you reload. The only thing that would do in PvP is give Erentil faster reload speed, which you can spec your armor out for anyways. And it would benefit them in PvE with the bump to reserve ammo. It's not like in PvP, you're going to be running around with max special ammo 24/7. If you are, it's because of those Scavenger perks, which is all you'd really need for that. I don't even know why Field Prep was discontinued from fusions anyways. I liked it. Now that I think about it, it was probably the only reload perk they could have at the time, where now we have Feeding Frenzy on Epicurean. And if they remove Backup Plan from all fusions, then yeah, they could add Plan C back into the game at some point. I totally see how that could work. Want to use a strong perk? If you're okay with taking up your exotic weapon slot, sure. Just remember, everyone has their own opinion about things. You are but a flower in this garden of a community. And this garden is built on this world of Destiny 2. Without the world, there is no garden. And without the garden, there is no flower. Feedback is the water and the sun- okay I can't keep doing this. Stop it, me. Let's just try and respect each other's opinions. lol

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