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11/12/2019 7:46:31 AM

Without Matchmaking for Escalation Protocol how am I to get armors and guns!?

There are a lot of activities going on and people mostly move forward to new ones. But to get Wayfarer I still need Ikelos SMG and some of the armor parts that only drop from this activity's chests. But without a matchmaking for escalation protocol, how am I going to get to the end? It is very hard to bump into people that go till the end and do it multiple times. Also you can't get 6 people together and enter it as fireteam is only 3 people. So I need to find 3 more which happens to be on the event area. Yeah you can say go pursue another thing but this bugs me every time I saw that I am 3 pieces away from getting that Wayfarer. Any suggestions? @Bungie?

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