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[PC ONLY] [NA/EU] | CoCo | 8800+ members | 15 Clans | Cross-Save | LFG | Community Roles |

Collective Conscious is recruiting, but other clans are, too. So why should you choose us? In Collective Conscious, you’re more than a clan member, and we encourage both members and guests alike to embrace the community that so many of our members have come to love and even find themselves returning to when they become bored of Destiny 2 between updates. Our clan members make us what we are, and we invite you to become a part of a quickly growing community of active, friendly, and knowledgeable Destiny players. To drop the professionalism and just get real with you all for a second, large clans generally have the drawback of alienation and segregation formed by small niche groups, we know that. I understand that. I get that the common opinion will be that a clan this large ends up being a “milestone clan”. And to a degree, you’re right. But we also have another set of clans that is dedicated to those who want community, and we have higher standards to remain in that clan. If you’re looking for a real community that has the benefit of an active clan discord (and LFG) with well-maintained events, we’re a good fit for you. Like PvP? We’ve got a section of our Discord server dedicated to scrims. Like to raid? We’ve got raid competitions. Maybe you need help completing an activity or want to improve or learn a new raid. We have got you covered with our PvE and PvP guides as well as our amazing sherpa program. So, to answer the question, why should you join our clan instead of others? Well, that's simple! You should join our clan because you're looking for a clan that is going to be expanding continually. A place that you can count on to have active and friendly players, somewhere that you know you can relax. A place that always has great teachers. And most importantly, because we have cookies. If you're interested in joining us, join our Discord server! Being a member of our Discord server is necessary for joining, and maintaining membership with our clan: Once you have joined the Discord, please read #landing to figure out how to join the Clan! Cheers! Feel free to up vote or comment . Look forward to seeing you!

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