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Bearbeitet von Monk: 11/8/2019 7:56:02 PM

[Weapon Upgrade Request] Class Swords

Morning, morning, So, after people were chatting about the class swords, i checked my Collections. I have all three, as expected since new characters auto-complete the Red War campaign - if i remember right - and my Hunter is my main. What i didn't realize, though, was how cool they were. Quickfang is [u]awesome[/u]. Yes, it's Y1 MW'ing but i got Impact first try so stoked there. And the stance is f___ing kick__. Now, (...tldr) about the request, it and the other class swords need to be upgraded. With the MW'ing as it is, it really just needs a mod socket. Maybe a quest? Call it something like "A Friend in Need"? I would run it asap! Cheers! 😊

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