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Bearbeitet von Devilzz: 11/8/2019 9:41:53 PM

Cross Save went wrong.....

Hi there! I recently switched from Playstation4 to PC and it was the best choice ever but beside that I made a mistake with Cross Save. I turned Cross Save on with the wrong Steam-account and I had to disable the Cross Save in order to add the right Steam-account. But after that was done I had a waiting time of 90 days.. (I know it is my own stupid fault because I didn't read all the rules attached to cross save). But I haven't done anything within Destiny 2 while the Cross Save was enabled so no purchases or progress was made in the game. So I wanted to ask a Mentor to maybe disable my waiting time so I can play Destiny on my PC with my day-one Playstation Account. (Excuse me for my grammer but English is not my main language). I can't wait any longer... Thanks for your time anyway!!

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