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11/2/2019 3:02:14 AM

Screw it, everyones wants there baby back (ribs) - #bringbackNLB

Bring my baby back. Devrim has it. You've modeled it already. It's in the game already. Just let me have it! Remove the BS (but very fun) rapid fire reload glitch and make it a true bolt action. If you're strugling with a Exotic perk, let me lay it out for you... The Master - Precision kills add a bullet back to the magazine (for free). (Think reverse Revoker. Instead of rewarding someone for missing, let's reward them for landing those shots. It takes up your exotic slot so whoever uses this would be encouraged to main the sniper and back it up as opposed to maining a Thorn for example and backing it up with a legendary sniper) For now, I'm using the Arbalest as that's the closest thing I can get to 'every kill feeling satisfying'.

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