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11/4/2019 8:39:36 PM

Mysterious box still broken?

Since this quest was broken but was recently fixed i was just able to get the black armory key mold. As soon as I got the key I inserted it into the box but the black armory key slot had not been filled. I did the forge again and destroyed the drones to try and get another key but did not get one. I also spoke with Ada-1 to see if she would give me a new mold but no. So now i'm stuck with a quest I cannot finish and I have no way to get another key to my knowledge. I might have discarded the key in my haste to get the quest done with, if that is possible. But I see no reason for that option to be available if you can't get a new key. If that is possible however and i was a dumbass, making it so you can't completely halt the progress of a quest because of a miss-click might be a good change.

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