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Bearbeitet von JcDenton: 11/6/2019 4:58:09 AM

The exotic helmet RAM should come back

The titans have one-eyed mask, hunters have wormhusk crown, warlocks need the Ram!! For the troglodytes that need it spelled out.. D2 should have already had all of d1s exotics at launch. D2 marketing team should Never Promot old exotics in dlc/expansions as "new" Nore should the old exotics influence the creation or development of new exotics being dropped in an update/dlc. There's no reason we can't have the classics and also have new content being dropped. Also why only 1 exotic per class? Why so many exotics that do what others do? What I want is the ram to be dropped outside of a dlc. It should be an update that includes classic gear. Not just due to being fair in who gets extra armor and counterplay but to also add more variety for warlocks exotics. The warlock has 3 helms that do the same thing to different degrees. The other helmets are boarder line useless or lock you into an extremely limited playstyle. To have a nice passive-aggressive and passive defensive helm for those moments you want to push. Hell, the ability to put it on and counter the other exotics is all the fun. It puts you back in the game and equal playing field as long as you can use the perks to your advantage. Aka titan rushing and baiting taking damage to activate DPS buff. Hunter using guerilla tactics by attacking taking damage but also having the cover and retreating well surprising an enemy that thought that they had a weakened enemy but instead is healed and trapped the pray. I think ram could come back with a max armor stat but the exotic perk is reduced incoming damage from all sources. How d2 works armor "resilience" is just the player's health which is purely affected by numbers. So if your max health is 150 HP and a weapon does 160 damage your dead in one shot. However, if it's a perk that reduces the damage that makes it so even a 160 damage weapon wouldn't kill you at 150 HP depending on how much it reduces. So the perk should reduce all incoming damage to say 20% and this will really make the helmet exotic and worth the slot. The only other way to make it work as it did in d1 is to add lots of extra armor or health to the player. I'm talking 100 more health points. The second perk could be melee faster like a real Ram. Maybe it can unlock Felwinter's heavy knee move.

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