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11/4/2019 12:55:52 AM

The Vanguard Tower | Destiny 2 Discord Server for People Looking For Friends

Hello and thanks for reading this. Myself and a couple of friends have made a discord for people looking for others to play Destiny 2 with. We are looking to expand and grow our server population. We will offer packages to clans to advertise and also for members to be able to play with these clans to see first hand before joining. Our Discord has chat rooms for in-game playing and also Looking For Players Chat channels to find others looking to play. We have our focus on making a non-toxic discord community that aims at helping new players to the game or to allow for new friendships to be made. We have a staff team that will moderator the discord server for any bad behavior and as well to remove toxicity. Sincerely, Burnsey ➖[ Name: The Vanguard Tower ➖[ Region: US/ CA/ OC ➖[ Languages: English ➖[ Requirements: None. We welcome to all guardians wanting to join. ➖[ Link:

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