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11/3/2019 11:07:41 PM

Graphics features

Hello! I'm achromate (different from COLORBLIND), that is i can't see colors, and i see similar colors the same. I like so much destiny and i have also the annual pass that i used to play with friends...but it's impossible to play PvP and hazard modes for the impossibility to see enemies and shields type for PvE (impossible to recognize all kind of shields). I tried all possibility without any positive results. In fact i don't want to buy shadowkeep also for this way, i cna play only pve (where i have little difficulties too), but it's can't be possible to play only pve to obtain the right weapons/armors. So i'm asking to Bungie, please can you help the players like me, that also paid you, to play more similar and near to all other players please? I'm not asking about spotting enemies, but to make it playable such other games: for example "normal eyes players" can see anemies always (tested with friend) or recognize all kind of shields, so a feature implemented to help us not give any advantages to us or to other players, but permit us to play similar to other players, so why do not help us with very small features? PS It's not colorblind, it's different! Please consider that :( It's will permit us to play this game like other (or more similar) :( Thank you all for the considerations!

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