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11/2/2019 3:38:29 PM

Melee range. Rubberbanding. Balance.

It's exciting to use your melee ability when you have energy on any class. With that said, I believe some balancing is necessary. Warlocks have projectiles and burns and retain a fair melee distance when they await their strength to return. Titans have tackles and various exotics that grossly increase their melee range, even without energy. As a result of the connectivity in this game melee rubberbanding is exceedingly frustrating for a number of reasons. At varying heights it becomes very apparent. Something at a lower elevation can come up and over an object to hit you and return to the ground. It is very severe when you have entered a melee contest with a Hunter for an assortment of reasons. When in melee distance, you may accidently throw your knives or smoke unintentionally quite easily, but that just requires practice to have the crosshairs on your opponent. The real issue is, once used, many Hunter subclasses have virtually no lunge to speak of. Much of the time you are well within the others melee range and you swipe your knife at the air like an invalid waving at flies. You don't melee faster than your opponent like D1 days. I believe this is more of just producing skill gaps and ceilings to stint the try hard Hunters whose movement can be very evasive when played properly. As a result you have to slide, jump, or Dodge roll to close distance or evade the Titans whose exotic has left him teleporting through your swipes like an ionic blink. I just want it to be cleaned up a bit. The quality of life changes were really nice in the last update. From the UI changes, to the icons being representative of our ornament choices. Thank you. Please reduced the cost of bright dust in Eververse items.

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