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Either count Finishers as Melee Kills or Add a

The Title Says it All. We've all had this crap go down. We need Melee kills (I'm currently doing the "Memory of Vell Tarlowe" quest), you reach your target you click Right Bumper to Melee (on Xbox), and that slight bit of pressure on the Right Control stick instantly initiates a Finisher move and ROBS YOU OF YOUR FORNICATING MELEE KILL!!!! So far, I've had 5 Nightmare melees RUINED by this CRAP and no way to turn it off. And I'm doing this on the "Legend" 950 Light level because if you try and do this with Randoms, you will get no where! Did Bungle honestly not even bother to think this through? Do their Play Testers ever stop and wonder, gee maybe we should be able to turn this off for obvious reasons? Edit: What part of "This isn't happening in other games "are you all not getting? In TitanFall for example, Melee in a Mech is right analogue stick. I'm not meleeing when I squeeze Right Bumper and move the Right stick around.

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