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Bearbeitet von Jose_Cose: 11/2/2019 9:35:12 AM

The Faction's Armor/Gear should be a Ornament! Faction Rallies should be back!

Hello Guardians wanted to speak about a truly missed event that is Faction Rallies. If anyone else had a thought and wondered what ever happened to it and missed the event recently? Honestly we have 3 amazing factions and the fact that we have 0 updates from Bungie is shocking and concerning. [spoiler]At least Trials was talked about, this event has not been discussed by Bungie in a long time[/spoiler] - Faction Rally Armor should be made into Ornaments for us to use on any gear. The recent change with Armor 2.0 Making us have more options to customize has opened up many things to us. This just sounds Amazing, what do you think? - Faction Rallies was a important event in destiny and the fact that we have been without one in a long time truly is a shame. With destiny 2 going Free2Play and ShadowKeep a Faction Rally would be amazing.

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