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11/1/2019 12:48:04 PM

Exotic Taken Phalanx Shotgun

Name: Consumed Tactics Rapid-Fire Frame. Energy Type: Arc Rounds per minute: 140 Magazine: 12 “Your shield must be a weapon.” Intrinsic Perk — Shield Wall Formation: This weapon fires low damage slugs of Taken energy that cost no ammo. Aiming down the sights of this weapon generates a shield at the cost of ammo. Legendary Trait — Militarised Takeover: Holding down fire consumes three ammo and shoots a long range projectile that attaches to surfaces and detonates three times with concussive blasts. Exotic Catalyst — Defensive Infantry: Blocking enough damage with this weapon’s shield will return a fraction of the ammo directly into the magazine. Concussive blast kills reset the detonation timer. Lore Tab: “Your shield must be a weapon.” You are consumed once more, lieutenant. For all your cunning, you were overpowered. I too fear the raw power of the Light. But we will give them their folly. Another empty victory. True defeat is only true death, and you remain. Your mind is somewhat like mine. No, we must expand our gaze, our potential. Even our enemy can renew our strategy. I’ve yet to take a Guardian. Yet.

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